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Out-of-School Time Programs

Out-of-School Time care includes all the care programs offered before school, after school and during holiday and summer break. For many families, there is a gap between the time school ends and the time work ends. Out-of-School Time care fills this gap by creating available care for all school-aged children. There are Better Beginnings Out-of-School Time facilities across Arkansas. Use our child care finder tool to locate a Better Beginnings program in your community.

Better Beginnings

Better Beginnings is the system in Arkansas that assesses and supports the quality of early care and education programs. Better Beginnings is available to every licensed and registered child care provider in the state. Whether your child attends a child care family home, an out-of-school time program, or a child care center, you can use the Better Beginnings star rating to guide you in finding a good program for your family’s needs. Every child deserves our best!

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