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Child Care Family Homes

Family home providers care for children in the provider’s home or other suitable family type of residence. Some parents choose child care family homes because they want to keep their children in a home-like environment, want to relate to a single caregiver, and believe their children will be happier and more secure in a smaller group.
Voluntary Registered Child Care Family Homes
Voluntary Registered Child Care Family Homes are regulated by the Registered Child Care Family Homes, PUB-003. These homes are voluntarily registered to care for five or fewer children and receive periodic unannounced monitoring visits. In Arkansas, child care family homes caring for fewer than six children are not required to be licensed according to the “Child Care Licensing Act 20-78-202″ of 1969.
Licensed Child Care Family Homes
Licensed child care family homes are regulated by the Minimum Licensing Requirements for Licensed Child Care Family Homes, PUB-001. In a child care family home, children are cared for in a caregiver’s own family residence or in some other suitable family type residence. A license is required for any home caring for six or more children from more than one family. A licensed home can have a maximum capacity of sixteen children if there is sufficient usable indoor space available to the children. Homes providing care to eleven or more children are required to have health and fire department approval. Minimum licensing requires that all caregivers have a criminal background check and that homes maintain an open-door policy to families. Licensed and registered homes are inspected one to three times annually, depending on the type of program. These visits are unannounced. Additional visits may be made if a concern is noted.