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Out-of-School Time Two-Star Requirements

At Level 2, administrators and teaching staff participate in specific trainings that help them understand and prepare for the requirements of a Level 2 Better Beginnings program, participate in program quality reviews, and share information with families.

The administrator participates in trainings on

  • Using the Strengthening Families Protective Factors to support families
  • Nutrition for school-age children/youth
  • Developmentally Appropriate physical activity for children/youth

The administrator and teaching staff participate in training on

  • Developmental stages of child/youth development
  • Measuring the quality of the program’s environment and activities

The facility

  • Shares information with families about ARKids First, child/youth development, stages of child/youth development, and child/youth health
  • Work with a certified assessor to review the quality of the facility’s administrative procedures
  • Meets or exceeds the minimum core on a rating of the quality of the program’s environment and activities