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Getting Ready For Kindergarten Calendar

A calendar of family activities | August – July


One of the most exciting days for you and your child is the first day of kindergarten. The family calendar of kindergarten readiness activities is designed to help you and your child prepare for that special day.


The Family Calendar runs from August through July. For each month, a theme focuses on specific kindergarten readiness indicators. Each month is divided into four weeks with suggested activities you and your child can do together. Be flexible. If your child is uninterested in a suggested activity, move on to something else. Allow your child to repeat activities. Children learn through repetition.

Each month includes additional and special activities and a list of children’s books. Add your creative ideas to those presented in the family calendar. Visit the Early Care and Education Projects website for online learning resources on the For Families webpage, ecep.uark.edu.

You Are Your Child's First Teacher

Remember, play is how children learn about the world and gain pre-academic skills. Studies have shown that your child learns best when spending time with you and doing fun and interesting activities.

Educators know parental involvement is the number one predictor of lifelong academic achievement. Therefore, supporting your child’s learning through play will create a foundation for learning.

Establishing Weekly Routines Is Important

Here are a few tips to assist in your child’s transition to enter kindergarten.

  • Create bedtime routines to ensure your child gets proper sleep each night. The recommended amount for a four- to five-year-old is 10-13 hours a night.
  • When working through social and emotional skills, offer your child opportunities to work through challenges alone during their day. These can include new skills, peer-to-peer interactions, and boundaries. Use supportive language, such as, “I can see how hard you are working!”
  • Encourage independence and self-help skills, like putting on shoes, attending to toileting needs, and putting on a coat. Allow your child the opportunity to work through skills.
  • Ensure your child can open items during mealtimes.
  • Read with your child every day.

Monthly Calendars

August – Read with your child each day.

September – Encourage your child to create, explore, and pretend.

October – Give your child daily opportunities to use large muscles.

November – Help your child become aware of letters and words at home and in the community.

December – Introduce your child to numbers and counting.

January – Encourage your child to listen and use language to express ideas.

February – Enjoy the sounds of language with your child.

March – Make math a hands-on learning experience for your child.

April – Play learning games with your child.

May – Invite your child to think and solve problems.

June – Help your child know personal information.

July – Make going to kindergarten plans with your child.

Getting Ready for Kindergarten!

Contact your local school district to find out the dates for pre-registration.

You will need the following items to register your child for public school:

  • Copy of birth certificate
  • Social Security card
  • Current shot record (up-to-date immunizations)
  • Health history form completed by a parent or guardian (obtained from the school)
  • Physical exam performed by a health care professional
  • Check with your local school district to see if additional information may be required for registration
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