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3 Paths to Math

Build It.
Building with blocks leads to strong math skills. It is also a fun way to bond with your child. Let your child lead the play. Your job is to ask questions and help if you are asked. Let your imaginations work. Are you building a zoo or a skyscraper? How high can you build it?
What does this have to do with math? Your child is learning math concepts while she plays. These skills will serve her well when it comes time for geometry and algebra.

Bake It.
Is there a more fun way to learn math than baking cookies? Think of all the tools that need names. Think of all the measuring and counting. The squishing and rolling of dough are blissful.
Don’t think about the mess. The experience is worth it. Count out loud as you scoop and pour together. How many eggs? How many cups of flour? Your child is learning about measurements and weight. He learns about keeping time when you set the oven timer.

Book It.
Make a weekly calendar with your child. Give her the help she needs, but let her do as much as possible. Ask your child to draw pictures that indicate each activity of the week on small pieces of paper. Ask her to tape the pictures on the right day on the calendar.
Not enough pictures? Book some. Plan a tea party or indoor “camp out.” She is learning the days of the week. She understands “yesterday,” “today” and “tomorrow.” She won’t forget the date you booked.

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