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3-Star Requirements

3. A.2. Strengthening Families Self-Assessment

Three star center director or family child care owner completes the Strengthening Families Self-Assessment tool.

The Self-Assessments are tiered. Baseline refers to simple day-to-day interactions. Mid-level refers to more attention to supporting and engaging parents. High reflects a high level of focus on parent engagement and support – may be most appropriate or easiest to achieve for providers that are themselves receiving systemic support.  Use the tool to suit your needs, e.g., one tier at a time or one section at a time. Attempt to complete at least tier one and two.

The Self-Assessment tools were designed to help child care programs to support families by becoming familiar with the protective factors and to determine ways that their program can best assist families.  The tool represents a large variety of viewpoints and perspectives. If your program is not in alignment with the suggestions in an item, simply check the not applicable box and go to the next item.

Strengthening Families™ Self-Assessment Tool for Center-Based Early Care and Education Programs

Strengthening Families™ Self-Assessment Tool for Child Care Family Home Programs

3. A.3 Facility develops a Strengthening Families action plan with at least 1 action step.

After completing the online self-assessment, create an Action Plan and implement at least one action step to support or engage families.  List one or more family support or engagement activities that you have planned for the year.

Click here to download the form and get started on your plan.