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Child Care Family Homes Three-Star Requirements

At Level 3, the primary caregiver continues to build quality through self-assessment, maintaining samples of the children’s learning activities, participating in reviews of program quality, and sharing information with families.

The primary caregiver:

  • Completes a self-assessment of the program’s support for families
  • Tries new ideas to strengthen partnerships with families
  • Maintains a portfolio that shows each child’s progress
    • A portfolio often includes samples of the children’s work, photographs, and staff notes about activities.
  • Shares information with families about nutrition and physical activity
  • Meets or exceed the required score on a rating of the quality of the home’s business and management practices
  • Meets or exceed the required score on a rating of the home’s learning environment and activities for children
  • Participates in a self-evaluation process of the home’s physical activity policies and practices and creates an action plan for improvement