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Child Care Family Homes One-Star

Primary Caregiver Requirements

Accrues at least 30 clock hours of previous education and/or training in child development/early education including the topics listed below:

  • Measuring the quality of the program’s business practices
  • Measuring the quality of the program’s environment and activities
  • Planning appropriate physical activities to support children’s healthy development

Primary and Secondary Caregiver Requirements

Registers as a member of an Arkansas professional development system.

  • Membership encourages participation in training to improve knowledge of child development and early education.

Follows an appropriate daily schedule that meets the needs of the children in the group.

  • Children are happier and feel more secure when they have a predictable routine.

Develops and follows written plans for the day’s activities.

  • Written plans help teachers support children’s learning more effectively.

Uses an environment rating tool for self-evaluation.

Informs parents of uninsured children about ARKids First.

  • ARKids First provides insurance to qualified children.

Shares information about child development and health with families.

  • Families and staff work together to support the child’s development and to promote healthy lifestyles.

Obtains and implements a medical and/or educational plan for any child having special needs.

  • Medical and/or educational plans are individualized to meet the specific health or educational needs of a child. These plans are coordinated with a health care provider, therapist and/or education specialist.