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From the Better Beginnings Family Resource Library

Better with Books offers reading suggestions for all preschool ages 

Making Their Mark shows you how to make a “Feed the Frog” game and more activities that help build the fine motor skills needed for writing.

What Do You See? Based on the classic Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? Teach your child color, shapes and animals. Help your child make his own collage or potato print – instructions and recipes included.

LITERACY COLLECTION. Find out what it takes to raise a reader, boost your baby’s language skills and improve your toddler’s brain development.

MATH COLLECTION. Ease your child into math skills while having fun and playing games. See how using math words paves the way to understanding.

3 Paths to Math. See how children learn math when you build it, bake it or book it together.

Play the Way to Math Skills. Make a numbers tray and get more activities for learning math through play.

Simon Says Roll. shows how to make your own math game from household items. It’s fun for the whole family!

Playdough Power. helps your child learn about science and math with this simple, no-cook recipe.

Let’s Make Music. Get instructions to make a guitar, kazoo and rain stick from household items. Watch the brief videos on our YouTube channel.  

Rainstorm in a Jar. Discover some weather facts and have big fun when you experiment up a storm. See our 30-second video!

States of Matter. features a two-ingredient slime recipe and a gooey cornstarch experience you’ll enjoy. 

SCIENCE COLLECTION. More activities and recipes await your discovery

Explore the whole library for tips on picky eating and other behaviors, outdoor learning, kindergarten readiness and insights into how children learn through play.

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