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Sorting Sacks and Similar Stuff

Sorting shapes and colors helps children learn to organize by “same” and “different.” Organizing is a skill that is basic to learning math. It also helps children understand how objects in their own world relate to each other.

Sorting can be a fun activity to do together. Use sacks, baskets or boxes with colorful shapes to indicate how to sort.

Your child learns about colors as you take turns putting “the blue toys in the sack with the blue circle.” Using the words helps your child learn while you play.

When you share sorting activities, your child learns:

  • colors, numbers and shapes
  • new words while you sort toys and talk about them
  • hand-eye coordination
  • fine motor skills
  • problem-solving when deciding which container to use

By sharing activities with your child, you show how important he or she is to you. You share a conversation. You are building your relationship.


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