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Play the Way to Math Skills

Many of the math skills your child needs for kindergarten develop naturally through talking and playing. Children learn best through experience. They remember best when it’s fun.

Try these activities to give meaning to numbers, practice writing numbers and counting.

Take Measure
Tape pieces of newspaper or junk mail on a wall or door to a height taller than yourself. Any type of paper will do. Show your child how to use a measuring tape or a long piece of string to measure the heights of objects around the house. Measure furniture, door knob heights, a favorite toy or the family pet. Mark the heights on your wall chart with a thick mark or stickers. Be sure to measure and compare your child and yourself.

Number Play Tray
Write the numbers 1 through 10 on individual pieces of paper and set aside. Pour salt or fine sand into a box lid or any container with a flat bottom and low sides. Pick a numbered piece of paper and ask your child to write the number in the salt with her finger. Shake the box lid to make the number disappear and do it again!

Number Games
Play I Spy Numbers. Ask your child to look for numbers around the house. Make a game of who can say the number first. Play the game when you go places too. Look for house numbers, numbers on license plates and gas prices on great big signs.

Play Simon Says. When you say “Simon says clap three times,” count out loud with your child as she claps.
Play hopscotch and board games.

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For more on math, see these resources: Talk Math and Build it. Bake it. Book it.

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