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Tips to Boost Your Baby’s Language Development

Mother laying on floor next to her baby while reading a book
Babies whose parents talk to them often develop language at a faster rate. These babies know 300 more words by age 2 than babies whose parents rarely speak to them. 
Here are some tips on how to get your baby talking.
1. Talk, talk, talk. 
If your baby is awake, you should be talking to him. Talk about what is happening. Describe objects with words like soft, blue or cold.
2. Sing and dance. 
Babies find the sound of your voice soothing. Songs with movement are even better. Pat your baby’s hands together or bounce his feet. You’ll be dancing together before you know it!
3. Babble back. 
Acknowledge your baby’s attempts at talking by answering with the same sounds.  
4. Reward your baby. 
Give lots of kisses and hugs every time your baby tries to communicate.
5. Name names. 
Use “real” names for the things around her.  Repeating the names of things helps your baby learn.
6. Read to your baby. 
Make reading part of your daily bonding.  Your voice soothes and relaxes her.
7. Give your baby soft books. 
Puffy pages are easier to turn. Most soft books have textures you can talk to him about.
8. Ask questions. 
 “What’s that?” Point to a picture in a book and name the object.  
9. Play!
Peekaboo and Patty Cake are standards for using repetition to teach words. Try asking, “Where’s your nose?” Show your baby her nose. Move on to name other parts of the body. Tickles are allowed. Repeat often.
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