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Little Book of Better Beginnings

Once upon a time . . .

Two neighbors each had a brand new baby on the same day!

And, oh, how happy they all were!

Both families wanted nothing more than to stay home and play with the babies.

But after a time, the mommies and daddies had to go back to work.

So their moms went online to ARBetterBeginnings.com and found quality child care for their babies, Christopher and Chloe.

Christopher and Chloe were excited to join other babies their same age. But what they really loved was the teachers!

Teachers in quality programs know babies are born learning. They understand that children’s early learning determines their success in later education

Children learn by experience. Quality teachers use toys and play as tools for teaching the skills children need to start school.

Chloe and Christopher’s teachers talked to them all the time. Their teachers read books and showed them pictures.

The babies learned there are names for everything. Their vocabularies grew every day!

The teachers used art and music to encourage the children to make their own creations.

Books, art and stories help children’s imaginations develop. They help children find words to express their feelings.

Christopher and Chloe learned observation and problem-solving while caring for classroom plants and pets.

Experience with other living things helps children develop an awareness of their place in the world.

Building with blocks helped Chloe and Christopher develop ideas about how shapes work together.

Block play helps children understand measurement and distance.

Pretending helped Christopher and Chloe develop creative thinking, planning and problem solving.

Dramatic play also teaches children to control their emotions and work cooperatively with others.

The quality of Chloe and Christopher’s early learning will determine their success in education and the workplace.

Every child deserves a good start in life. Every child deserves our best.

And they all learned happily ever after…

                         The End

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