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Simple Ways to Advance Your Toddler’s Brain Development

1. Talk to your child about your day and ask about his. 
Take turns talking. That’s a real conversation.
2. Take time to answer questions. 
Your child has a million of them. Most may be “why.” You don’t have to have all the answers. If you don’t know, find out together.
3. Forget about “it.” 
Instead of using “it,” use the words he needs to learn by naming people, places and things.
4. Read books together. 
Point out and name things in the pictures or ask your toddler to name them. 
5. Provide books on subjects that interest your child. 
Look at the pictures and ask him to talk to you about what he sees. Ask him to tell you the story.
6. Play with your toddler. 
Playtime is a great time to introduce words. Use descriptive words like soft and blue. Make comparisons like “my sandwich is bigger than yours.”
7. Sing and dance. 
Sing songs with words that have action like Itsy Bitsy Spider or This Old Man. Rhyming songs are great for clapping and making up your own movements.
8. Pretend with your child. 
Have a tea party with her stuffed animals or take his plastic dinosaurs out in the yard to play. Make up a story. 
9. Go on a treasure hunt.
Think of something you can find in your backyard or at the park. Talk about what it looks like. Ask your toddler where you might find it. 
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