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Communicate with Your Child Care Provider

Your child care provider is your partner in preparing your child for life. Talk to your provider every day about what happened with your child. Open communication is critical to giving your child the best opportunities to prosper.
Questions to Ask About Your Child’s Day
  • What activities did he most enjoy?
  • Did she have a nap? For how long and at what time?
  • Did he try any new foods? Did he like them?
  • Did you see any new activity or skills in my child?
  • Is there anything I should know about her day?
  • Are there any supplies I need to bring?
The more you know about your child’s day, the better you and your provider can work as partners for your child.
Top 10 Tips
  1. Talk face to face with your child care provider every day.
  2. Tell your provider if there are family issues she should know about.
  3. Tell your provider about your child’s health issues or special needs.
  4. Ask questions about your child’s day and be a good listener.
  5. Be clear about family rules, discipline, and other parenting styles
  6. Encourage your provider to tell you about your child’s behavioral or emotional issues
  7. Make yourself available by providing your cell phone number and email address.
  8. Let your provider know in advance if your child will be away from care for travel or illness.
  9. Be sure your provider has a current pickup list for your child.
  10. Take time to say thank you for your provider’s work and dedication to your child. 
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