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School Age Care Two-Star

School age programs must complete all standards for Level 1 and Level 2

Administrator Requirements

Accrues at least 135 clock hours of previous training in child/youth development and administration including family support and involvement.

Participates in a total of 20 clock hours or more of additional training each year on child/youth development and administration.

Staff Requirements

Accrues at least 15-30 clock hours of previous training in child/youth development and teaching.

Completes training on the topics listed below:

  • Using learning goals to plan daily activities.
  • Measuring the quality of the program’s environment and activities.
  • Nutrition for children/youth (for kitchen manager and administrator).

Completes at least 20 clock hours of additional training each year.

Uses written daily plans that include all areas of development.

  • Each day’s activities support the intellectual development, social and emotional development and physical development.

Provides daily physical activities that are appropriate for the ages of the children/youth.

Facility Requirements

Works with certified assessor to review the facility’s administrative quality.

Meets or exceeds the minimal score on a rating of the quality of the program’s environment and activities.

Provides at least two interest centers in each classroom.

  • Interest centers focus on a particular type of learning such as blocks and construction, arts, music, drama/theater, language/reading, math/reasoning and science/nature.

Shares with families information about medical homes for children/youth.

  • A medical home means that a child/youth has one doctor or clinic and one dentist whom he sees regularly. Medical homes ensure that child/youth’s medical records are kept in a central location so that the child/youth can receive the best care available.

Shares information with families about the stages of development for children/youth.