Choosing the Right Toys this Holiday Season

Fri, 12/02/2016 - 14:01 -- jbrown

Gift-giving season is almost here and you may be thinking what toys to purchase for your child. The doll house and the action figures have been bought. Check. But you’re still looking for a great toy that also promotes learning. 
You may have found yourself standing in the store’s toy section asking these questions: 
Is this a toy that my child can learn from? 
Will they play with this toy six months from now?
Is this toy age appropriate? 
Is this a quality toy that can withstand the wear-and-tear of my child? 
No need to wonder anymore – Better Beginnings is here to help. A rule of thumb from the early learning experts: Less is more. 
The less a toy does, the more opportunity your child has to use her imagination to create and learn from it. Simple toys are easier for children to use, need less supervision and can last longer. 
Remember, safety always come first when choosing toys, so avoid sharp corners or small, detachable parts. Toys should match your child’s developmental level and age. Play teaches a child to think, create and imagine. Choose toys that allow for pretending, role-playing, problem-solving and practicing skills. 
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