Choosing Child Care Checklist

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Which is the best place for my child to be cared for while I work or go to school?

Finding good care for your children is very important! You want them to be cared for in ways that will help them grow and be happy.

As you look for a good place for your children, you probably want a place that is close to your home or work and a place that is affordable. These are important things to consider as you start to think about care.

In addition to being close and affordable, the quality of the care is very important! The questions below are intended to help you think about which child care program will provide the best care for your child. There are questions you could ask the program director, some for the teachers, and other things that you will want to observe as you visit the classroom.

As you visit the first facility, you could put a plus sign (+) in the column next to any question where that program does well. You could put a zero (0) by those items where they are just okay. You might put a minus sign (-) by those areas that don’t seem right. There is no system for adding up points. This checklist just allows you to see what matters and how each program seems to do on those things.

As you ask these questions, pay attention to how the staff treat you and the children in their care. Be sure you feel good about the people who will care for your child. You may find it difficult to evaluate some of the answers you get to these questions. To learn more about quality childcare, visit the websites of the National Association of Child Care Resource & Referral Agencies at and Child Care Aware at

We hope you find a child care program that will be a great place for your child.

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